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Moon Calf


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  1. Jun 25,  · Featured on June 25th, moon-kaf ] a person who spends time idly daydreaming.
  2. MOON-CALF. Moon-Calf (), a thinly veiled autobiographical novel by Floyd Dell (–), covers the early part of the author's life to It is the story of Felix Fay, descended from a Civil War hero, born late to his parents, and from his earliest days a sickly child. It is clear to all that this boy is different—he is quiet, withdrawn, and a dreamer.
  3. Moon Calf. Menu. About; Contact; Five Ways in Which You Can Move From One Socioeconomic Class to the Next. We live in a stratified society: that is, one in which there are different socioeconomic classes. Membership in a certain socioeconomic class entitles you to certain privileges, with members of the higher classes naturally having more and.
  4. noun, plural moon·calves. a congenitally grossly deformed and mentally defective person.
  5. mooncalf definition: Archaic an idiot or foolOrigin of mooncalffrom the notion of being influenced by the moon: see lunatic.
  6. Jul 12,  · Mooncalf definition: a person lacking intelligence | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  7. I'm guessing the rabbit drummer probably isn't Vincent, the rabbit drummer from A Cure for You, part 1, considering their differences in appearance and the fact that After the Bomb wasn't announced to play at Kennel Klub the night he had that gig, unless Vincent had a significant makeover in appearance and plays the drums for more than one band.
  8. Mid 16th century from moon + calf, perhaps on the pattern of German Mondkalb; originally in the sense ‘shapeless mass in the womb’, thought to be produced by the influence of the moon. Word of the day.

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