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  1. Octopus was named after the eight tentacles that are both his arms and legs. Because of the number of arms and legs and also due to its specific physique, cultures around the globe created a unique symbolism that was often used in art and poetry.
  2. The interpretation of octopus as a symbol could also be compromised by some popular beliefs that make it the protagonist, for example it was thought that the octopus was very stupid, and the philosopher Aristotle also said it in the book “History of animals”, but today we know that instead it is very intelligent and that even having the neurons in the tentacles is able to do more things.
  3. To see an octopus in a dream symbolizes undecisiveness and the solutions of the problems. To see of becoming an octopus in your dream indicates that you will be undecided about your job or school and you will get your friend’s opinion. To see an octopus in the sea in your dream implies that you will make a good decision about your job change.
  4. The octopus dream is also one that comes from the divine world with the aim of guiding the octopus people. Therefore, when one has the octopus dream; the vision is showing their ability to do multiple things at ones. This means that one can manage to handle the situations that they are having at the moment in real life.
  5. Octopus dreams is the retail business of Albany-based, award-winning artist Sandra Garlick. Sandra uses her lifelong love of animals and respect for nature as inspiration for her unique work. From landscapes to wild animals to domestic pets, Sandra.
  6. Oct 02,  · Watch the brilliant color changes of a sleeping octopus that indicates she may be dreaming.
  7. The dream octopus is also a symbol of greed and has been associated with the number 8 – because it has eight appendages. The dream octopus is associated with concepts such as multi-tasking, shyness, busyness, or approaching a problem from several different angles. It is sometimes thought to be a symbol of the mother or a mother-like figure.
  8. May 21,  · Octopus Dreams: The Good Due to its aquatic nature we would tend to focus on the emotional side of the dreamer. Water connects the dreamer to the feminine energy (yin), the unconscious feelings, or talents that are hidden below the surface. The octopus can be viewed in a positive manner as a representation of these new talents being awakened.
  9. Dream about an octopus in general If you had a dream about an octopus, then this dream represents bad luck. You will be prevented by certain people, from finishing your plans successfully. They will drag you away and keep you out of .

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